Seriously? What is an Air Conditioner Capacitor?

Hopefully we can help shed some light on the mystery of the air conditioning capacitor. You may have recently had an air conditioning problem at your home in Plano, Frisco, Allen or anywhere in DFW and it may have been recomended that you change out your capacitor. We are going to give you a general idea of what this part does and how it helps your air conditioner to work.

A capacitor is needed for each major motor running in your A/C system. There is a blower motor (located in the home), condenser motor (fan that spins on top of outdoor unit), and the compressor (the large pump inside the outdoor unit). For the outdoor unit you will usually see what is called a dual-run capacitor. This is a capacitor that runs both your condenser motor and the compressor. This is a very common failure during the summer. However, many times this part can be checked before it fails.

How does the capacitor work?? Well it keeps your motors running.. cause running motors are kinda important.. Now imagine trying to spin a basketball on your finger…. come on now go get one out of the garage or the backyard.. It is all about rhythm. After you get the ball spinning nice and smoothly on the tip of your finger you need to give it a “tap……..tap………tap” to keep it spinning. A capacitor is basicly the “tap” that keeps your motor spinning in rhythm.

Just keep in mind that you can keep a basketball spinning on your finger even if you don’t have rhythm and the same is true for a motor’s capacitor. However, the costs of running a motor on a bad capacitor can be more costly than your ball skills on the court. That is why you should have your capacitors checked yearly and make sure they are running correctly. But way more often we see the failure of a capacitor that is causing the frustrations of most customers. Depending on how long a system ran with a bad capacitor or one that doesn’t work at all just means there could be additional ware or damage to the motors and other components of your system.

Hopefully this has helped you all out.. our best advice is.. get it checked, check it out, you check it, let us check it, have your grandma check it, just get it checked!

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