Tips to keep your energy bills low… and survive a Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie with an air conditioning unit
It’s February, the month of love! Besides Valentine’s Day, there’s quite a lot going on this month. The groundhog saw his shadow, so Spring is coming early. Although that doesn’t mean much to us in Texas because our winters rarely last long (if at all). The Super Bowl recently occurred, so you should be fully recovered from your hot wings and beer coma. Another big event lasting all month is Black History month when we remember the important figures in African-American culture.

February is also the month that AMC’s The Walking Dead starts up again! With the premiere right around the corner, we wanted to give you some tips on how to keep your energy bills low and survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Spring may be coming early this year (according to Mr. Groundhog), but these tips will help you save money on your electric bills all year around (or when a Zombie Apocalypse strikes).

Plant trees
Trees are a natural solution for saving energy. Planting a tree 35 feet from your house can reduce home heating and cooling costs by 20 percent. The types of trees you plant are just as important as the placement. Choose trees that will shade your house during the hot summers and lose their leaves in the winter, allowing light to come in through the windows and help heat your home. These trees can also serve as a look-out post for incoming zombies.

Solar panels and screens
Installing solar panels lower your monthly electric bills by utilizing the energy from the Texas sunshine. Not only will you be able to save money, you’ll also be able to power your home long after the grid goes out and the zombie apocalypse takes over. If you’re not in the market for solar panels, a low-cost alternative is solar screens. You can place these screens over your existing windows to help block the sun’s heat and glare. Solar screens also help keep money in your wallet by saving you up to 30 percent on your cooling bills.

Maintain your A/C unit
Proper system cleanings and tune-ups help improve the air flow across the coils of your heating and cooling system which in turn, helps reduce your energy bills. Besides regular maintenance, you should also check your unit periodically to make sure it’s receiving adequate airflow through the outdoor condenser coils. All you have to do is check the surrounding area of your unit for any kind of obstructions (lawn mower clippings, over-grown shrubs or weeds, your son’s bicycle, a zombie arm, etc.).

Maintaining your A/C unit is a great way to ensure its longevity. It’s all about preventative maintenance. That’s why A#1 Air suggests the most comprehensive HVAC Maintenance Membership Club offered in DFW. Preventative maintenance is key. Would you want your air conditioning unit to go out during the hot Texas summer? I think I’d choose to live among the zombies before going without A/C during our record-breaking summers. Which would you choose?

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