Dallas Heating Tip: Understanding the Efficiency Settings on Your Furnace

If you have a new furnace in your home in Dallas, then you are likely enjoying consistent heat and possibly reducing the amount of energy that your home needs. But your furnace likely has additional settings on it that can allow you to get even more efficiency out of it. We’d like to talk about some of those features and help our customers in Dallas understand them.

The Blower

Your furnace burns fuel to heat up a piece of metal called a heat exchanger. When it gets hot enough, the furnace activates a fan (also called a blower). The blower moves air across the heat exchanger and then throughout your house. When the house is sufficiently heated, the furnace and the blower turn off. However, you can set the blower to keep running even when the furnace isn’t actually heating the air. This has several efficiency benefits.

  • More even heating – With the blower running, your furnace will continue to circulate the air in your home which will allow it to distribute the heat more evenly.
  • Higher air quality – If you have a high-efficiency air filtration system, circulating the air through it constantly will result in an increase in air quality.

However, if you run your fan continuously, it can use a lot of electricity. Some contractors recommend using a DC drive to run the fan in this case. A DC drive can potentially greatly reduce the amount of electricity that your fan could use.

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is another great way to make sure that your furnace is running at peak efficiency. You can program the thermostat to turn the furnace on and off at certain times of the day or night. Set your thermostat between 68° F or 70° F. Using this cooler temperature can increase efficiency in your home greatly.

Getting the most out of your furnace can be confusing. If you’re having problems with your furnace or if you have questions about it, don’t hesitate to call A #1 Air. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you have. We provide comprehensive heating service in Dallas including installation, repair and maintenance. So if your furnace needs a tune-up  to work more efficiently, we can do that too.

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