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How to light gas furnace pilot..
My gas furnace pilot light is out.. How do I get it to come on?

Locate the pilot light burner and control switch. Some furnaces have an electric igniter and do not have a pilot light. Verify that there are no sources of flammable materials in the area (fuel tanks, oxygen tanks, etc.)

Turn the gas switch to off and wait a few minutes to allow any potential gas fumes to dissipate.

Using a long match or fireplace/grill lighter, place the flame at the opening of the pilot light burner. Turn the switch to "pilot" and press and hold the red button. The pilot light should ignite within a few seconds.

Continue to hold the red button for about 30 seconds. Release the button and verify that the pilot light remains lit. If it does not remain lit turn the switch to off, wait at least 5 minutes and repeat the process. If you have to repeat the process more than 2 or 3 times, consult qualified furnace technician.

If the pilot light remains lit, turn the switch to on and verify that it still remains lit. If it goes out, contact a qualified furnace technician.


I changed out my thermostat recently...
I changed out my thermostat recently and now my air conditioning doesn't come on... Do I need an ac repair?

In many cases if you have already tried changing out the thermostat it may not be necessary to call a service professional for an ac repair. Simply double check your wiring and ensure that all your connections are tight and that you correctly followed the instructions.

If during the installation the main power was not turned off you may have blown a control fuse. As long as the wiring has been corrected and and you feel comfortable opening up the furnace or air handler panels then changing the fuse is a simple solution.

1. Ensure all power to the unit at the breaker box is off. Find the control fuse (usually mounted on the control board inside the furnace or air handler control panel). DO NOT OVER SIZE THE FUSE! If you have a 3amp fuse go back with a 3amp fuse.

2. After replacing the fuse close all the panels and turn back on the power and you should be good to go.

If your control fuse blows again you could possibly still have miss wired the thermostat or have a short circuit in the control wiring and may need an ac repair. It maybe best to call a professional at this point before futher damage to the air conditioning system occurs.



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