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A#1 Air recent Reviews and Testimonials:


Joe H

What and Adventure. (35 yr old A/C) Bought this house 2 years ago and of course it came with a home warranty. Had to use it several times on my Upstairs A/C Unit. Each time I would tell the technician that there was a Freon Leak somewhere in the system and each time they would recharge the system and say that they had fixed the leak. Finally, while still in the warranty period the compressor died but the warranty company did not want to replace the system, by the way, all the service techs went into the attic to check the air handler unit and not one used a leak detector. 4/2/2014 - About the Service Call and Tech... After about 10 Minutes David Wilson, the Senior Technician sent out to handle my service call detected the leak in.... you guessed it the Air Handler in the attic. The detector was literally picking up the leak before he even go inside the unit. He inspected the unit and explained that even trying to well on the old coil would probably result in more damage than repair. We discussed the options available. He was very patient while I went through my decision process and decided that a complete system replacement was the best option, not the cheapest of course, but the best. David did not BS me about anything that was wrong, heck, I knew the unit was going to die soon anyway, just wasn't looking forward to it. 4/3/2014 - About the installation... That's right, the next morning. The install crew arrived earlier than expected. Joey Juarez and Ron Ortega came in and hit the ground running. Once I showed Joey the attic where he would be spending most of his day I felt for him. it is a very small space and most of the A/C for the house runs from that location. He did not complain one bit, truly professional. After a long and warm day on the job everything was up and running and quite awesomely. The last item on my install list was to add a new duct to my office which is on the west wall of the house. West Wall and Texas = HOT!!! On top of that I have many systems running in my office that produce heat. In general my office runs about 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the house. Getting the new duct in was a battle for Joey and Ron to say the least. Zero Attic access over my office, but the guys found a way and got it in. Now I have to wait for this sudden cool down to fade and the Temps outside to go back up to see how successful the new duct is, but Joey told me that if it is not cooling adequately then I could call back in and they would come and check it out. Excellent overall experience. 0% for 60 Months was also an unexpected surprise. FYI, if you have a Wells Fargo Credit account tell your Tech to call them first. The other finance company wanted 18%. I also want to say that Kierra (Scheduler) and Durranda (Dispatcher), I hope I spelled those correctly, we very pleasant to deal with. Now I just need to get my downstairs unit on a Maintenance plan and I will be safe from heat/cold from now on. A#1 Air Rocks, not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for, and I don't mind paying for great service. Besides, who else is available 24/7 without all the extra fees. Thank you all that I dealt with, you are all wonderful.

April 4, 2014   A#1 Air  


Amy Waite

Rico came to our rescue in the mall parking lot when the battery died on our truck. After I had asked several people to jump us and was turned down because everyone was in a hurry, he gladly pulled over and helped even though he was already pulling out. He did it gladly and never showed signs that we inconvenienced him and even wished us a Merry Christmas as he pulled away. If I ever have a need for air conditioning repair, I will be sure to call A #1 because Rico left such a good impression with me. Thank you, Rico and A #1!

December 15, 2013   A#1 Air  


E Hudson

I've used A#1 Air for last 11 yrs and each time they exceed my expectations! Today topped it all. I needed a new unit. Quincy came out and before 5pm the unit was installed and working! My babies will be warm this winter! Thanks A#1 Air family! Keep doing what you're doing.

November 18, 2013   A#1 Air  


Lee and Maia Coco

Hooper was helpful and knew exactly what we encountered. His depth of knowledge were impressive and his customer service skills were professional and polite. Thanks Hooper!! Invoice #: 635638 Date : Fri Nov 15 2013 Employee: Hooper Johnson Jr

November 17, 2013   A#1 Air  


Michael Burgess

Peter NKrumah did an excellent job. He was not only a wonderful person but a great professionaL. This is a great conpany.

October 10, 2013   A#1 Air  



Our AC went out yesterday in the middle of the day. I called a few places and they said they couldn't be out for a few days. I called A#1 Air and they said they could be out the same day! We waited for them to come, we originally was told he would be there at midnight, he came at 1:30 am. Which we don't mind because our air conditioner is working now! They kept us updated on the time he would show up and was very friendly! He turned the AC on and it worked! We made him come out for no reason at all. He told us our compressor probably over heated and shut down. Which makes sense since we live in Texas and it is constantly on and running. We told him we have had some issues with our heater and didn't know why it wasn't working. He said he could take a look at it. After a few tests he found that our gas valve stopped working (my husband looked it up a few weeks ago and he thought that was what had happened). We will replace it and luckily we found this out before winter this year! Bryan did an amazing job and went above what he was there for. I suggest them, we had a great experience! All in all our total was $19.95 for the service call and our gas valve will be $400 which is was better than the whole thing being replaced!

September 27, 2013   A#1 Air  


John Cowan

Great and efficient service on my home air conditioning system. I could not have been treated better, from the office staff, dispatch and service technician. Bryan Garvin is a top notch guy, friendly, neat and very knowledgeable. I am very pleased with the time, quality of service and cost of service!

September 12, 2013   A#1 Air  


Janet Phillips

A 100 degree Saturday afternoon with an ailing family member - and our a/c went out. I tried several companies before contacting A#1 Air, who promised to be out that day, even if it was late. Mike showed up at about 9 pm, as promised, and made the repair. He was professional and friendly, even after working since 6am. We were very grateful for getting the repair and appreciated Mike's excellent service. I have already recommended A#1 Air to several people.

September 7, 2013   A#1 Air  



Extremely happy with this company. They are always friendly on the phone, always there 24/7, very knowledgable and worth the very low cost monthly maintenance program. Their service is beyond trustworthy and thorough, something that is hard to find these days. Please give them a try, you will be very glad you did. I cannot tell enough people about them to show my appreciation of their quality.

September 6, 2013   A#1 Air  


Travis Attanasio

My technician arrived promptly within the promised timeframe and actually took the time to explain everything he was doing. I am a curious type so anytime a new tool was brought out I wanted to know what it did, and it was explained in very laymen terms. Even when the club membership was offered I felt that it was very casual and not forced at all. Got my problem solved in less than an hour!

September 2, 2013   A#1 Air  


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