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A#1 Air recent Reviews and Testimonials:


Dan Adair

I called A#1 Air on a Friday morning of a holiday weekend with my AC not working properly. I was treated very kindly on the phone at 8:00am and was told I would be able to get an appt. for that same day. The service tech, Dane, was professional, honest, courteous,and willing to explain the problem and solution. It was fixed in 20 min. with a very fair price. They all earned my business and come highly reccomended

August 30, 2013   A#1 Air  



peter did an excellent job in answering all our questions, he took the time to explain every thing. Very polite and professional. Office kept us informed of our scheduled visit. was very pleased with service

August 26, 2013   A#1 Air  


Ed Hamling

I was very impressed with the service and the speed of the servcie provided. Les, the tech, was very knowledgeable and did a great job. I was really taken with the fact that it was 1:00 am when Les fixed my problems and got me going. I can't say enough good things about the A#1 Air. I will always reccommend them.

August 21, 2013   A#1 Air  


Katrina Jo Stovall

Everyone at the company makes you one of the family. They are always there when you need them. It's not all about the money. It's about doing the best job they can do for you. I love being part of the A#1 Air family.

August 20, 2013   A#1 Air  


Jim Oellerich

Excellent job by James McDonald installing a new comperesor on my AC unit today.

August 18, 2013   A#1 Air  


Cherie Chase

Dakota came back to repair our unit and was very polite and great employee. He showed and explained everything to my husband and we were very happy with his service. Thank you.

August 13, 2013   A#1 Air  


Cherie Chase

I wanted to send in a review and complement on one of your repairmen.Dakota was our repairman yesterday and his customer service,work ethic,and sweet personality was truly appreciated. He was so polite & courteous, he reminded me alot of my son. His mama raised a wonderful man & you are blessed he works for A-1. Sincerely, Cherie Chase p.s. I think he is deserving of a raise :)

August 7, 2013   A#1 Air  


Chris H

My technician was very knowledgable, friendly, and honest.

July 17, 2013   A#1 Air  


Carlos Bodine

Update to my 7/12 post... 7/12 was a bad day...not just for me because I waited almost 24 hours to finally get my A/C fixed but also for the first technician who came out and didn't thoroughly check everything out and probably for A# 1 and every other residential HVAC service out there because it was Very Hot. On top of that both times a technician came out the fix was super simple. I'm sure I could not have done what the first technician did but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I could have done what the second one did, take my programmable thermostat off the wall, pull the batteries out, wait a few seconds for the memory to clear then re-insert the old batteries, remount the thermostat and everything worked. Frustrating? Yes. However, as I look at it from the whole experience and depersonalize it there is one thing that stands out. A# 1 Air did their best to provide good service to me and all their customers and I am sure every other HVAC service did the same without 100% satisfaction. I think I could teach them a thing or two about triaging incoming calls that may save a ton of customer frustration and get technicians where they need to be and when they need to be there but that is a lesson learned that sometimes is not easily taught in an industry that has done the same thing the same way for as long as HVAC has been around. In then end, I have a working A/C and I kept my Silver Club membership because ultimately I realized I wasn't the only one who had a bad day.

July 14, 2013   A#1 Air  


Wendy Miller

Timely, professional, clean, polite, knowledgable and friendly but working not wasting time and no inconvenience. The easiest repair call ever. I referred to family member and they had new system installed on FATHERS DAY after getting quote on Saturday! They loved the service as it was same quality I received! Very impressed. Will refer to everyone.

June 17, 2013   A#1 Air  


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